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Electric Vehicles Asia 2010

In a world where environment protection and energy conservation are growing concerns, the development of electric vehicles has become an emerging global issue. Asia plays an important role in the global EV development. In order to promote the development of EV in Asia, a conference named EV Asia is going to be held in Hong Kong in January 26-29, 2010. Asian Electric Vehicle Society is pleased to support this conference.
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Programme highlights

(1) Over 18 leading edge sessions on Electric Vehicles and its growth opportunity in Asia
(2) Meet regional and international auto-makers, government and key utilities driving Electric Vehicle development
(3) Targeted pre and post conference workshops on Drivers for Electric Vehicle Commercialization and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Development
(4) Hear successful Electric Vehicle initiatives and market insights from Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, India, China and USA
(5) Network with regional executives from the automotive, transport, utility and technology sectors

Key themes
(1) Asian government initiatives
(2) Market opportunities
(3) Policies & standards
(4) Sustainability & the environment
(5) Electric vehicle infrastructure
(6) Asian electric vehicles: Design & technology
(7) Future outlook: Electric vehicle and smart grids

Address for correspondence
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