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International Forum on Transportation and Environment On the Urban Transportation and Environment: Current Status of Political Aspects and Research of Electric Vehicles in China

Sponsor: Asian Electric Vehicle Society, AREEV, and Institute for ErgoSciences
Co-sponso: The Japan Association for the Research on Automotive Affairs, The Society of Electric Vehicles
Support: Osaka City University
Date: September 30, 2003
Door open at 15:00
3-18, Nakanoshima 2 chome, Kita-ku, Osaka

Part I Seminar:
Place: Aoi room (3rd floor)
Master of Ceremonies: Kanji Nakanishi, Director of JARAA
Opening address: Shiro Kawakatsu, Vice-chairperson of Asian Electric Vehicle Society; Tomikazu Ishibashi, CER of Institute for ErgoSciences
Coordinator: Shigeyuki Minami, Associate Prof. of Osaka City University

Keynote address: gOn the political and engineering aspects of Chinese EV R&Dh
C.C. Chan, The Honorary Professor of University of Hong Kong

Companies reports and Q&A: gElectric Vehicle R&D in Chinah
Sun Liqing, Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology
Feng Chun, Engineer of Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Xu Hongjia, Vice President of Guangdong Machinery Research Institute
Luo Sidong, Director of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation
Zhang Lihua, Manager of Changzhou GT Electric Co.,Ltd.
Liu Ling, Engineer of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute
Li Zhenxing, Senior Engineer of Wanxiang Electric Vehicle Co.,Ltd.

Report from Japan: gCurrent status of EV R&D in Japanh
Shiro Kawakatsu, Vice-chairperson of Asian Electric Vehicle Society

Closing speech
Hidetaka Oyabu, Secretary General of Japan Automobile Federation

Dinner party
Place: Restaurant Grand Sky (14th)
Please take a seat but not reserved.

Address for correspondence

Shigeyuki Minami
Department of Electrical Engineering
Osaka City University
Sugimoto, Sumiyoshi
Osaka, 558-8585 Japan
telephone: +81 6 66 05 27 60
telefax: +81 6 66 90 27 50

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