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Japan has abundant tourist resources with beautiful sceneries, majestic nature, and a variety of cultures all over the country. Now, Japan is aiming at becoming a “Tourism-oriented Country” because there is a high potential in the tourism industry to bring a major economic ripple effect on the economy. Therefore, the Japan Tourism Agency was established in 2008 in order to promote tourism in the country. The objectives of this governmental organization include increasing the number of inbound tourists. More research and studies are required to utilize community tourism resources. However, there are not enough academic studies and publications regarding tourism in Japan at this moment to establish a tourism nation. In addition to this, Japan is falling behind in globalization and there are no international scientific journals of tourism research. It is necessary to collect many tourism related subjects from inside and outside of Japan, and disseminate the knowledge and expertise to the world to establish a worldwide tourism nation.

The purpose of the publication of the Journal of Global Tourism Research (JGTR) is to enhance the scientific research level and international contributions in tourism. It is significant and important to publish the journal from Japan promoting the exchange of worldwide scientific knowledge and ideas. The language of the journal is English. The editors would appreciate your support and cooperation.

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