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There are many tourists in the world and the number is increasing especially in Asian countries due to the development of the economic situation. It is said that tourism is a “peaceful diplomacy,” which means that tourism has a great potential to solve international disputes. Therefore, it is necessary to publish a variety of research results on tourism from Asia to the world. The Journal of Global Tourism Research (JGTR) is published in Japan for this purpose twice a year, in March and October. JGTR is the official journal of ISTR (International Society for Tourism Research). It is my great honor and pleasure to serve as the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal.

Tourism is being systematized academically as a field of study in some advanced countries and research levels are improving. However, it is still at the stage of sharing cases in some countries and research results are not really utilized at this moment. In order to change the current situation, JGTR, published in Japan, aims to promote the global tourism industry as a member of the Asian countries and contribute to global peace continually. I would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Tourism, as an area of research, should be treated synthetically because it involves many issues. The most important thing in the tourism industry is “Security and Safety.” Security measures for terrorism and food safety are common challenges for the international community. Disaster countermeasures are also important. Moreover, investigation of efficient operations of accommodation and sightseeing facilities should have a higher degree of necessity from a scientific point of view. These issues and challenges need to be dealt with from a comprehensive perspective.

Your contributions are cordially invited. Our editors play an essential role in a rapid but qualified review and decision-making process. The success of JGTR thoroughly depends on your contributions and support. Your active participation is greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to receiving many interesting and high-quality research articles from you.

Takashi Oyabu
Founding Editor-in-Chief

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