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    The Actual Effect on Enrollment of "Education for All": Analysis Using Longitudinal Individual Data
Author: Akemi Ashida
Publishing date: February 28, 2018
Price: JPY 4,630.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-86-9
Size: 152×228 mm, Hardback
Page: 194

This book clarifies the actual enrollment situation of primary school children in Honduras since the late 1980s and the effects of Education for All on their enrollment. This research used longitudinal data to trace each child from their entrance in school to graduation/dropout, and conducted a true cohort analysis. This data can possibly clarify individual children’s enrollment status and consider cause-and-effect relationships of factors that influence enrollment. This is a unique study that observed enrollment as a pattern and examined changes over time. Based on empirical research, this research devised recommendations for SDG4-Education 2030.

  Transformed Bodies and Gender: Experiences of Women Pro Wrestlers in Japan
Author: Keiko Aiba
Publishing date: February 28, 2017
Price: JPY 5,000.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-81-4
Size: 152×228 mm, Hardback
Page: 254
  Women’s pro wrestling in Japan has been controlled by an organization of which the members have only been women. Their bodies are unique, transformed into a deviation from the ideal female body image in Japan to enable them to engage in pro wrestling. In addition, through professional training, they acquire “combat skills”. This kind of physique is different from the body many women are encouraged to attain. This book suggests that women, who are constrained by the “ideal female body” image or physical vulnerability, can liberate themselves from this normative image through “physical feminism.
  World War II Revisited: Two POWs, Two Sides, Two Stories
Author: Karen Ann Takizawa and Kenzo Takizawa
Publishing date: December 11, 2015
Price: JPY 3,000.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-77-7
Size: 152×228 mm, Hardback
Page: 274 
  In this book, the postwar generation looks back on the experiences of two extended family members who were Prisoners of War in World War II in the Pacific. Their stories show sharp contrasts, as one was an American POW in Japanese camps, where the treatment of the POWs was harsh, and the other was a Japanese POW in American camps, where treatment of the POWs accorded with the guidelines set down in the Geneva Convention of 1929. Though neither of these men talked about the war very much, their stories were preserved in a written report and a lengthy interview, and visits to the places where they were during the war to see museums and monuments bring their stories to life.
  Gender Personality in Japanese Society: The determinants of femininity/masculinity, mental health, female-male relationships, and cultural factors
Author: Itsuko Dohi
Publishing date: March 31, 2014
Price: JPY 6,590.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-68-5
Size: 152×228 mm, Hardback
Page: 346
  This book consists of the author’s research papers of more than 10 years about gender personality, mental health, and female-male relationships and a newly written conclusion about “Japanese-style” gender personality. Japanese researchers are eager to import foreign research, but seldom export, as they write their papers in Japanese. This book can be expected to be read by many researchers around the world, and it will contribute to a deeper understanding about gender and its cultural factors. 
    Analysis of the Relationships Between Local Development NGOs and the Communities in Ethiopia: The case of the basic education sub-sector
Author: Yoshiko Tonegawa
Publishing date: February 28, 2014
Price: JPY 4,571.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-67-8
Size: 152×228 mm, Hardback
Page: 188 
  This book is eye-opening: full of new findings on the realities of Local Development NGOs in Africa. Through the author’s exploration based on in-depth field research in Ethiopia, complex realities are revealed – Local Development NGOs are heavily burdened with “accountability” to the government and donors; local stake-holders do not whole-heartedly welcome those NGOs but are in a more business-like relation in which they act and react on their own. 
    Support Technology for Transportation Environment of Handicapped People
Author: Hiroshi Ikeda
Publishing date: February 28, 2013
Price: JPY 4,250.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-64-7
Size: 148×210 mm, Hardback
Page: 186 
  This book is written about the transportation environment and related problems for physically, hearing, and visually impaired people in Japan. Judgments of each disability, support equipment for transportation, also the situation of barrier-free conditions in the public transportation system according to Japanese law, are explained including figures and illustrations. It is compiled from the author’s actual research and experiments, and details the transportation environment for handicapped people. 
    Minority Education and Development in Contemporary Laos
Author: Miki Inui
Publishing date: August 24, 2009
Price: 6,245.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-39-5
Size: 148×210 mm, Hardback
Page: 214
  The purpose of this book is to illustrate what kind of educational disparity is occurring in Laos and the causes of the disparity among ethnic groups. It lays the groundwork for improving the educational access of minorities and adapting multi-cultural education not only in Laos but also in other multi-ethnic countries. This book is relevant to the academic disciplines of comparative education, educational anthropology, multi-cultural education and educational development. 
    Contemporary Issues of Brain, Communication and Education in Psychology: The science of mind
Author: Kazuhito Yoshizaki and Hisao Ohnishi (Eds.)
Publishing date: December 26, 2008
Price: JPY 4,725.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-38-8
Size: 148×210 mm, Hardback
Page: 314 
  In the 21st century, psychological sciences have to address a huge variety of issues such as aging, information processing in the brain, education, family and communication. This collection of 16 papers provides the reader with intriguing topics of modern psychology. Especially, the reader will understand what issues Japanese society is encountering through the researchers’ investigations. The research and discoveries described in this book must be useful and interesting for the reader. 
    The Baum Test: A Study of Personality Diagnosis Through Tree-drawing
Author: Shigeru Kosaka
Publishing date: October 1, 2008
Price: JPY 6,500.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-37-1
Size: 148×210 mm, Hardback
Page: 134 
  This book is written according to the numerous numbers of analysis and diagnosis through the Baum test conducted by the author. It is written in a way that people involved in psychology and education can make references easily when they conduct personality diagnosis. While references to the index exhibited by Koch, the founder of Baum test, are made faithfully, readers can fully understand the methods of analysis and diagnosis through the author's experiences with the Baum test. 
    Religion, Science and Sustainability
Author: Takeshi Kimura (Ed.)
Publishing date: March 1, 2008
Price: JPY 6,000.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-35-7
Size: 148×210 mm, Hardback
Page: 272 
  A scholarly book from New Research Initiatives in Humanities and Social Sciences, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, aiming at exploring new intellectual research domains. This collection of essays is a result of an international collaboration focusing on Religion, Science and Sustainability. It is an important contribution to Religious Studies, Anthropology and now emerging Sustainability Studies. 
  Honda: Its Technology and Management
Author: Tsutomu Demizu
Publishing date: March 1, 2003
Price: JPY 9,300.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-28-9
Size: 148×210 mm, Hardback
Page: 328 
  This book is about the creation and development of the enterprise dynamism of Honda Motor company, which started from a town factory after the war and grew into a global enterprise. It analyzes the technology development and production from the period of Honda’s establishment by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa to the present day and its current management. The book information is a highly accurate history created through repeated interviews with Honda personnel. 
  A History of The Rafu Shimpo: Japanese and their newspaper in Los Angeles
Author: Katie Kaori Hayashi
Publishing date: November 1, 1997
Price: JPY 2,900.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-18-0
Size: 148×210 mm, Paperback
Page: 228
  This book investigates the pre-war history of The Rafu Shimpo which is the oldest Japanese-American newspaper published in the U.S.A. It reveals an unusual history and characteristics of the paper that develped from a monolingual immigrant paper to a bilingual ethnic newspaper. The Rafu Shimpo captured the joys, sorrows, angers, and resentments of its readers. This book reveals the paper’s formation, development, and expansion as well as its dual characteristics as a bilingual newspaper. 
  Dengonban Message
Author: James Kirkup
Publishing date: 1981
Price: JPY 1,200.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-04-3
Size: 145×105 mm, Paperback
Page: 190 
  A collection of hundreds of one-line Haiku and Senryu published during the last fifteen years in the Haiku magazine “Shikai” and in various western periodicals such as “The Time Literary Supplement”, “New Statement”, etc. With an introductory essay on “The Monostich” by James Kirkup. Dengonban is the green noticeboard found at railway stations in Japan, on which arriving or departing travelers can inscribe for friends or relatives who may have missed them or may be arriving later.
  Bon-Odori in Tokushima: Essays of a Portuguese hermit in Japan
Author: Wenceslau de Moraes
Translator: Kazuo Okamoto
Publishing date: 1979
Price: JPY 1,500.
ISBN: 4-946428-02-X
Size: 148×210 mm, Paperback
Page: 168
  Zen Contemplations
Author: James Kirkup
Publishing date: 1978
Price: JPY 1,800.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-01-2
Size: 130×200 mm, Paperback
Page: 70  
  A collection of poems on the themes of Zen Buddhism, the Tao, the Birth of Buddha, Han Shan and Shi Teh and others, with a poem essay, “A Good Friday in Japan”, and an introduction by the author. The poems in this book are also illusions, but their author believes that they may help others seeking self-awareness, or relief from physical or mental pain. Zen Contemplations, read by the author, is also available as a CD (90 minutes, Price: JPY 5,000).
  Kadensho: A Secret Book of Noh Art
Author: Ze-Ami
Translated: Nobori Asaji
Publishing date: 1975
Price: JPY 1,800.
ISBN: 978-4-946428-00-5
Size: 130×200 mm, Paperback
Page: 144 
  This English version of Ze-ami’s Kadensho or the Flower Book by Professor Nobori Asaji has been edited for the first time of publication in Japan. It is hoped that the present volume will be an invaluable book of reference on the secrets and mysteries of the time-honored Noh Art of the Japanese people by all those who admire the art from both at home and abroad. With frontispieces: The spirit of iris flowers in Kakitsubata, Asura in Yashima, The Living-Phantasm in Aoi-no-ue, Okina Mask. 
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