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Volume 10, Number 1, 2012
  No. of pages Title and authors
1543-1551 Control and Recon?guration of Train of Autonomous Electric Vehicles
Kamel Bouibed, Abdel Aitouche, and Mireille Bayart
1553-1558 Prediction of Diffusion Speed of EV by Characteristics Analysis of Key Devices
Namio Yamaguchi
1559-1566 4WD Electric Vehicle Battery Test Candidate Under Several Speeds Topologies
Variations for Utility EV
Brahim Gasbaoui and Abdelfatah Nasri
1567-1573 Genetic Algorithm Based Cost-emission Optimization of Unit Commitment
Integrating with Gridable Vehicles
Diyun Wu, K.T. Chau, Chunhua Liu, and Shuang Gao
1575-1582 Autonomous Navigation, Guidance and Control of Small 4-wheel Electric Vehicle
Satoshi Suzuki
1583-1590 Prediction of Tractive Limitations of a Rigid Wheel on Loose Soil
Kenji Nagaoka, Noriaki Mizukami, and Takashi Kubota
1591-1597  Study on Effect of Grousers Mounted Flexible Wheel for Mobile Rovers
Kojiro Iizuka and Takashi Kubota 

Volume 10, Number 2, 2012
  No. of pages Title and authors
1599-1601 ITEfs Polymer Activator Effect on Lead-acid Batteries
John C. Nardi, Go Kawabe and Akiya Kozawa
1603-1605 Batteries in Trucks
John C. Nardi and Akiya Kozawa
1607-1613 Development of Non-rare-earth Magnetic Gears for Electric Vehicles
Mu Chen, Kwok Tong Chau, Wenlong Li and Chunhua Liu
1615-1618 Maneuvering Method for the All-directional Indoor Electric Wheelchair
Hiroshi Ikeda, Shigeyuki Minami and Takashi Masuzawa
1619-1623 Cost Analysis of Battery-powered Electric Vehicles in Macau
Tze Wood Ching
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