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Volume 5, Number 1, 2007
  No. of pages Title and authors
957-960 Test Program for Low-lead Long-life Batteries Developed with ITE Activator for Trucks, Buses, Taxies, and Regular Cars
Hajimu Ikeda, Akiya Kozawa, Hisashi Wada, John C. Nardi, and Shigeuki Minami
961-966 Development of an Electric Powered Tiller for House Gardening
Haruo Sakamoto
967-969 New Measuring Method for Battery Modulefs Voltage in Series Connected Battery Pack
Minxin Zheng, Bojin Qi, and Hongjie Wu
971-973 Performance and Regeneration of Lead-acid Batteries and the Use of Battery Activator for Electric Wheel Chairs
Michio Sugawara, Hirotaka Ogata, Ken-ichi Nakagawa, Kazuhiro Tachibana,
Tatsuo Nishina, Kunio Watanabe, and Akiya Kozawa
975-979 Electronic Device for the Control and Energy Management of a PEM Fuel Cell Stack/Supercapacitors Hybrid System
Ruben Beneito Ruiz, JosEAntonio Peral Soler, and Joaquin Vilaplana Cerda
981-985 Confronting Improvements of LRT in Japan
Akihiro Mihoshi, Hiroshi Ikeda, Takao Yanagihara, Atsushi Masui, Masato Chikamori, and Yoshikatsu Tabata
987-988 Outline of Three Main Businesses of Lead-acid Batteries Using ITEfs Organise Polymer Activators
Hajimu Ikeda, Shigeyuki Minami, Hisashi Wada, and Akiya Kozawa

Volume 5, Number 2, 2007
  No. of pages Title and authors
989-992 Field-oriented Control of Induction Motor Drives with Direct Rotor Current Estimation for Applications in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Chris Mi
993-1005 Designing Engines of Compact Battery-cars for the Target Speed of 100 km/h Using Nickel-system Primary-cells (Oxyride Dry-cell Batteries): Part 1 Optimization of the Body
Takashi Ashida, Shigeyuki Minami, Hisakazu Fujita, Atushi Saihara, Hidekazu Uchiyama, and Masahiko Odani
1007-1017 Designing Compact Battery-car for Which the Target Speed is 100 km/h Using Nickel-system Primary-cells (Oxyride Dry-cell Batteries): Part 2 Battery System Optimization
Takashi Ashida, and Shigeyuki Minami
1019-1026 Soft-switching Converters for Electric Vehicle Propulsion
T. W. Ching
1027-1032 A Method to Determine the Velocity Profiles from the Power Consumption of Electric Vehicles
Takashi Ashida, Daisuke Tanaka, and Shigeyuki Minami
1033-1042 Vehicle Evaluation, Battery Modeling, and Fleet-testing Experiences in Hawaii: A Roadmap to Understanding Evaluation Data and Simulation
Matthieu Dubarry, Nicolas Vuillaume, Bor Yann Liaw, and Thomas Quinn
1043-1048 Surface Morphology of Pb and PbO2 Electrodes during Charge and Discharge in Sulfuric Acid Electrolyte Containing Some Additives
Michio Sugawara, Kazuhiro Tachibana, and Akiya Kozawa
1049-1053 Electric Wheelchair Using Ni-MH Battery Aided by Fuel Cell
Shizuo Yamaguchi, and Tomohiro Ikemoto
1055-1060 Current Status and Future Trends of Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicles
C. C. Chan, Liqing Sun, Ruchuan Liang, and Qingcai Wang
1061-1065 Design and Simulation of FC Plug-in Hybrid Bus with Ultracapacitors
Liqing Sun, Ruchuan Liang, Qingcai Wang, and Feng Wei
1067-1072 Ten Years Educational Activities Using Electric Vehicles at Kochi University of Technology: 1st Report of Extracurricular Activities in 1997-2000
Haruo Sakamoto
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