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Volume 8, Number 1, 2010
  No. of pages Title and authors
1337-1343 Simplified Thermal Model of PM Motors in Hybrid Vehicle Applications Taking into Account Eddy Current Loss in Magnets
Xiaofeng Ding, Madhur Bhattacharya, and Chris Mi
1345-1349 A Linear Magnetic-geared Free-piston Generator for Range-extended Electric Vehicles
Wenlong Li and K. T. Chau
1351-1356 Battery/ultra-capacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System Used in HEV
Haifang Yu, Rengui Lu, Tiecheng Wang, and Chunbo Zhu
1357-1362 Comparison of the First Order and the Second Order Equivalent Circuit Model Applied in State of Charge Estimation for Battery Used in Electric Vehicles
Guoliang Wu, Chunbo Zhu, and C. C. Chan
1363-1370 A Comparative Study of Two Permanent Magnet Motors Structures with Interior and Exterior Rotor
Mohamed Chaieb, Naourez Ben Hadj, Jalila Kaouthar Kammoun, and Rafik Neji
1371-1377 Overview of Power Networks in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Xiaodong Zhang, K. T. Chau, and C. C. Chan
1379-1384 Modelling Hybrid Automotive Systems with the POG Technique
Roberto Zanasi and Federica Grossi
1385-1392 A Newly Developed Plug-in Hybrid Electric Boat (PHEB)
Shigeyuki Minami, Takeshi Toki, Nobuaki Yoshikawa, Toshiki Hanada, Masanori Ashida, Shin-Ichiro Kitada, and Kazusumi Tsukuda
1393-1398 Running Characterization of Electric Bus Powered by Mn Type Lithium Ion Battery
Hiroshi Matsuo, Takayuki Kodera, and Takashi Ogihara

Volume 8, Number 2, 2010
  No. of pages Title and authors
1399-1404 Development of Toyota Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle
Shizuo Abe
1405-1408 Further Evolution Towards a New Generation of Electric Vehicles i-MiEV
Kenichiro Wada
1409-1414 Trends and Development Status of IEC Global Electric Vehicle Standards
Peter Van den Bossche, Noshin Omar, and Joeri Van Mierlo
1415-1418 Aspects of Technology Developments of Lithium and Lithium-ion Batteries for Vehicle Applications in National R&D Projects of Japan
Kuniaki Tatsumi
1419-1423 Apply a Piece-wise Peukertfs Equation with Temperature Correction Factor to NiMH Battery State of Charge Estimation
Guoliang Wu, Rengui Lu, Chunbo Zhu, and C. C. Chan
1425-1432 Slide Mode and Fuzzy Logic Based Powertrain Controller for the Energy Management and Battery Lifetime Extension of Series Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Zheng Chen, Xi Zhang, and Chris Chunting Mi
1433-1439 Simplified Thermal Model of a Radial Flux Motor for Electric Vehicle Application
Moez Ayadi, Hana Kebaili, Mohamed Amine Fakhfakh, and Rafik Neji
1441-1446 The Design and Development of Small Light Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Universitas Indonesia
Danardono A. Sumarsono, Gandjar Kiswanto, Ario S. Baskoro, Nandy S. Putra, and Yulianto S. Nugroho
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