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In a world where environment protection and energy conservation are growing concerns, the development of battery electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles have taken on an accelerated pace. The dream of having commercially viable electric vehicles is becoming a reality. The Asian Electric Vehicle Society (AEVS) aims to provide a forum for sharing knowledge, experience and creative ideas among scientists, engineers, industrialists, government officers and related persons.

The present global environment is rapid change in political, economical and technical environment. The character of change is globalization, and hence accelerating the global competition and cooperation. The driver of change is discoveries or innovation, but no more core competencies. The AEVS will integrate the forum, display, consultation, policy review and business/investment dialogues. Asia is facing rapid economic development, hence Asia will play important role in the research, development and commercialization of electric vehicles. The AEVS will promote the acceleration of the commercialization of innovative ideas and high technology.

Professor C. C. Chan
The Honorary Editor in Chief of JAEV
Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering
Fellow, Royal Academy of Engineering, U.K.
Honorary Professor, University of Hong Kong

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