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Volume 2, Number 1, 2004
  No. of pages Title and authors
493-498 A Study on the Costbenefit Analysis of a LRT Development Project
Tatsuo Takase, and Ken Koyama
499-502 Trial Construction of a Small Electric Vehicle Using a Fuel Cell
Shizuo Yamaguchi, Toshifumi Onoda, Tomohiro Ikemoto, and Kunio Fujii
503-509 Fuzzy Prediction Control Strategy of EMS with Energy Hybridization of High Energy and High Power
Qunming Yu, Michael Sorg, Roger Stanislowski, Christoph Ament, and Horst Selzer
511-515 Simulation of Electrically Powered Hydraulic Steering System in Electric Vehicles
Yong Chen, Quanshi Chen, and Yong Huang
517-520 Study of the EV Battery Pack Attended Mode
Zhenpo Wang, and Fengchun Sun
521-525 A Control Strategy for Fuel Cell Hybrid City Bus
Languang Lu, Mingji Liu, and Minggao Ouyang
527-529 An Analysis of Electric Assist Control Strategy for Hybrid Electric Vehicles and Simulation
Yufang Li, Liqing Sun, and Leiyan Yu
531-534 Development Status of Electric Vehicles
Heliang Zhou, Feng Wei, and Liqing Sun
535-539 A Practical Theory of the Performance of Low Velocity Boat
Shigeyuki Minami, and Naoki Yamachika
541-544 A New Intense Pulse-charging Method for the Prolongation of Life in Lead-acid Batteries
Shigeyuki Minami, Yoichiro Onishi, Song Jie Hou, and Akiya Kozawa
545-550 Modification of the Personal Cart and Its Control
Takuya Wakatsuki, Kenji Takahara, Hisashi Nozaki, Ryuichi Akiyama, Mitsuru Muramoto, Hideki Kawaguchi, Yuzo Itoh, and Hidetoshi Wakamatsu
551-556 Fuzzy Logic Based Driving Pattern Recognition for Driving Cycle Analysis
Bor Yann Liaw
557-563 Development of Multi Purpose Small Electric Vehicle with Application of Automated Guiding Control System
Naohisa Hashimoto, Manabu Omae, and Hiroshi Shimizu
565-570 Education of Design and Manufacture Using Hand-made Small-sized Electric Vehicles
Haruo Sakamoto, and Koji Amimoto
  571-576  Form Characteristics of an Electric Vehicle
Dirk van Gogh, Kikuo Emoto, and Hiroshi Shimizu
  577-578  Bsic Understanding of the Low Current Charge and High Current Charge for Lead-acid Batteries
Akiya Kozwa, Shigeyuki Minami, Song Jie Hou, Iwao Mizumoto, Masaki Yoshio, and John C. Nardi

Volume 2, Number 2, 2004
  No. of pages Title and authors
579-600 The Sate of the Art of Electric Vehicles
C. C. Chan
  601-607  Development of Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries and Its Management System for Electric Vehicles
Borong Wu, Lei Zhu, Hui Chen, Mingyi Liu, Xuyu Jan, Lijun Jiang, Jun Du, Hailing Tu, Feng Wu, and Guoguang Qi
609-612 Optimization and Application of MH/Ni Power Batteries System
Hui Chen, Borong Wu, Lei Zhu, Mingyi Liu, Jun Du, Lijun Jiang, Xuyu Jian, and Xiuying Wei
613-617 Improvements on EVSIML
Liqing Sun and Renzhen Wang
619-622 R&D of Parallel Hybrid Electric Transit Bus with Complete Chinese IPR
Limin Zhu, Qun Deng, Liqing Sun, Min Li, and Yufang Li
623-626 Eight Year's Summary of ITEfs Organic Activator Tests for New and Used Lead-acid Batteries
Shigeyuki Minami, Akiya Kozawa, Yang Li, Yoshitaka Suzuki, Satoshi Iwata, Soichiro Ikeda, Hajimu Ikeda, Mamoru Wada, Tatsuya Okayasu, Michio Sugawara, John C. Nandi, Ralph J. Broad, and C. C. Chan
627-632 Design and Implementation of Neural Network Based Capacity Indicator for Lithium-Ion Battery
Marco S. W. Chan, K. T. Chau, and C. C. Chan
633-638 Research Regarding the Introduction of LRT as a Selective Means of Transportation: Application View Points of the Conversion from Automobile/Motorbike
Akihiro Mihoshi, Hiroshi Ikeda, Takao Yanagihara, and Yoshikatsu Tabata
639-643 Development of Linear Power Generator: Conversion of Vibration Energy of a Vehicle to Electric Power
Kenji Takahara, Shingo Ohsaki, Hideki Kawaguchi, and Yuzo Itoh
645-650 Designing and Manufacturing of a Hand-made Electric Motorcycle
Haruo Sakamoto
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