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Volume 6, Number 1, 2008
  No. of pages Title and authors
1073-1077 Ultimate City Vehicle UCV
Walter Janach
1079-1082 Evaluation of EMG for Electric Wheelchair Designs for Disabled People
Hiroshi Ikeda, Takashi Masuzawa, Masaaki Doi, and Shigeyuki Minami
1083-1085 FCZ-H2 Bus: The First Fuel Cells Hydrogen Bus in New EU Countries
Ludek Janik and Ales Doucek
1087-1091 An Examination of Handicrafts Using Clean Energy for Schoolchildren
Shizuo Yamaguchi
1093-1095 A Pulse-width Modulation Based DC-DC Converter for Electric Propulsion
Guokai Xu, Xiuchun Zhao, Hang Su, and Zhenqiang Yang
1097-1102 Energetic Macroscopic Representation and Inversion-based Control: Application to an Electric Vehicle with an Electrical Differential
Keyu Chen, Alain Bouscayrol, and Walter Lhomme
1103-1110 Flux-switching PM Brushless Machines with Alternative Stator and Rotor Pole Combinations
A. Thomas, Z. Q. Zhu, G. W. Jewell, and D. Howe
1111-1116 Ten Years Educational Activities Using Electric Vehicles at Kochi University of Technology: 2nd Report of Laboratory Activities in 2000-2006
Haruo Sakamoto
1117-1118 Liquid-cooled High-power Brake Resistors for Fuel Cell and Hybrid Automotive 5 kW to 150 kW
Gerhard Pahlke

Volume 6, Number 2, 2008
  No. of pages Title and authors
1119-1124 Overview of Thermoelectric Generation for Hybrid Vehicles
Xiaodong Zhang, K. T. Chau, and C. C. Chan
1125-1133 Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Control Strategy Parameter Optimization
Aymeric Rousseau, Sylvain Pagerit, and David Wenzhong Gao
1135-1143 Energy Autonomous Solar/battery Auto Rickshaw
Srdjan Lukic, Priscilla Mulhall, and Ali Emadi
1145-1151 Thermal Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Electric Vehicles
Mohamed Amine Fakhfakh, Moez Hadj Kasem, Souhir Tounsi, and Rafik Neji
1153-1157 Identification of Hydrogen Generation Characteristics from Activated Aluminum Particles Using ARMA Model on the Assumption of the Applications for Fuel-cell Electric Vehicle
Kenji Takahara, Kouji Maekawa, Toshinori Kajiwara, and Masao Watanabe
1159-1165 A Predictive and Battery Protective Control Strategy for Series HEV
Mir Hesam Hajimiri and Farzad Rajaei Salmasi
1167-1173 Energy Optimization and Simulation of CJY6470PHEV with Mild Hybrid Strategy
Bangji Zhang, Dejie Yu, and Yuanwang Deng
1175-1179 Multi Physics Model of a Nickel Based Battery Suitable for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Simulation
Loic Boulon, Daniel Hissel, and Marie-Cecile Pera
1181-1184 Theoretical Performance of EV Range Extender Compared with Plugin Hybrid
Koji Imai, Takashi Ashida, Yan Zhang, and Shigeyuki Minami
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