Vol. 8, No. 1, 2023
Japanese tourism strategic factors after COVID-19
Hiromi Ban

Feature Article
  Service-learning tourism in Hong Kong
Aten Man Ho Chau, Wai Yi Chau Chan, and Kwok Tong Chau 
  Tourism development based on local culture
Kris Cahyani Ermawati 

Original Article 
  Educational intervention to foster English presentation skills: Based on implications from metacognitive perspectives
Junko Omotedani and Machiko Sannomiya 
  A study on factors attracting customers to tourist facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic
Hiroki Kozu, Seiya Saito, and Yasuhiro Tsujimura 
  Analysis of Japanese beauty salon website by using topic model and covariance structure analysis
Yoshiki Nakamura and Nozomi Oomiya 
  Using Instagram data for tourism promotion of fishery villages: An integrated analysis of images, hashtags and texts
Hiroaki Sugino, Taro Oishi, and Nobuyuki Yagi 
  Proposals and practices for promoting tourism by advancing open data through public-private partnerships
Atsuko Kanematsu, Ryota Ando, Shun Hirano, Mamoru Endo, Takatoshi Naka, Masashi Yamada, and Shinya Miyazaki 
  Estimation of accommodation performance by region using data from online travel agencies
Shohei Suzuki  

Research Letter 
  Characteristics of percentage of foreign guests in Hokuriku region
Takashi Oyabu, Hidetaka Nambo, Haruhiko Kimura, and Aijun Liu 
  Adoption policies of island supply-side from the perspective of tourism resilience
Jo Komuro 

  The macabre collection: The mummies of Guanajuato allusion to dark Mexican tourism
Gilberto Mejía Salazar 

Vol. 8, No. 2, 2023
The upcoming war with overtourism: In the age of sustainability
Asami Shikida

Feature Article
  Research on Japanese intentions of traveling abroad after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic
Hiromi Ban 

Original Article 
  A study of consciousness factors that influence travel based on COVID-19
Yukio Maruyama and Yutaka Shirai  
  Cultural differences of self-presentation motivation on photogenic tourism between Hong Kong and Japan
Tomomi Hanai, Kaoru Yashiro, and Hisako Konno 
  Customer satisfaction with tangible and intangible services of ryokans and hotels in the Japanese lodging industry
Shunichiro Morishita 
  Effect evaluation of video content and audiovisual devices on VR tourism for young people
Zhenyu Wang, Kayoko H. Murakami, Atsuko K. Yamazaki, and Muhammad N. A. M. Anuardi 

Research Letter 
  Demographics and entrepreneurship in Guam: Identifying “startuppers” for sustainable development in a small island economy
Fred R. Schumann and James Ji  
  Number of steps and biomarkers in the elderly
Takashi Oyabu, Hidetaka Nambo, Haruhiko Kimura, and Aijun Liu
  Significance of small talk in hospitality communication: Integrating it into education for prospective service personnel
Reiko Fujita, Naoko Tanaka, and Nobumi Nakai  
  Consideration on improvements and authenticity of regional culture tourism resources triggered by TV drama: A case of tourism to experience wedding and life culture in Kaga/Noto tradition
Hirofumi Takeuchi  

  A conceptual study on atmospheric aesthetics and its relationship with aesthetic economy
Zixiu Qin and Hiroyoshi Sano