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Volume 7, Number 1, 2009
  No. of pages Title and authors
1185-1190 Development of an Electric Wheelchair System Using PEM Fuel Cell
Kazuo Saito, Chan Anyapo, Pitak Kamjitjam, and Toshihiko Noguchi
1191-1197 Design Method for Throttle Holes Area of Telescopic Shock Absorber for Small Electric Vehicles
Changcheng Zhou, Zhiyun Zheng, and Xueyi Zhang
1199-1206 Analysis of Soft-switching Converters for Switched Reluctance Motor Drives for Electric Vehicles
Tze Wood Ching
1207-1211 Evaluation of Method of Measuring Distance Between Object and Walls Using Ultrasonic Sensors
Manabu Ishihara, Makoto Shiina, and Shin-nosuke Suzuki
1213-1219 Design and Analysis of an Integrated Halbach-magnetic-geared Permanent-magnet Motor for Electric Vehicles
Linni Jian and K. T. Chau
1221-1230 Global Approach for Hybrid Vehicle Optimal Control
Julien Scordia, Rochdi Trigui, Matthieu Desbois-Renaudin, Bruno Jeanneret, and François Badin
1231-1237 Development of a Flexible Wheel That Allows Rovers to Traverse Lunar Soil
Kojiro Iizuka and Takashi Kubota
1239-1244 A Novel Series-parallel Power Train for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications
Yuan Cheng, Shumei Cui, and C. C. Chan
1245-1250 Development of an Emergency-shutdown System for the Commercially-supplied Joystick-type Electric-wheelchair
Masuzawa Takashi and Shigeyuki Minami
  1251-1256 Comparison of Simulated Physical Load of Sidewalk Curb for Electric, Manual Wheelchair Users and Visually Impaired People
Hiroshi Ikeda
  1257-1259 Ultracapacitorfs in Automotive: Where and When Ever Power Needed
Juergen Auer and Christoph Wieser

Volume 7, Number 2, 2009
  No. of pages Title and authors
1261-1264 A Model of Amusement Park in the Near Future Operated by Fuel Cell and Solar Cell
Shizuo Yamaguchi
1265-1276 Improvement of the CO2 Balance of the Landside Accessibility of Brussels Airport Through Implementation of Electric Vehicles and General Policy Measures
Julien Matheys, Nele Sergeant, Jean-Marc Timmermans, Faycal-Siddikou Boureima, and Joeri Van Mierlo
1277-1282 Assessment of Behaviour of Super Capacitor-battery System in Heavy Hybrid Lift Truck Vehicles
Noshin Omar, Joeri Van Mierlo, Frederik Van Mulders, and Peter Van den Bossche
1283-1289 Design and Optimization of Tubular Permanent Magnet Linear Motor for Electric Power Steering System
Hamidreza Akhondi and Jafar Milimonfared
1291-1296 A Novel Electronic-continuously Variable Transmission Propulsion System Using Coaxial Magnetic Gearing for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Linni Jian and K. T. Chau
1297-1302 Review of Electronic-continuously Variable Transmission Propulsion System for Full Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Yubin Wang, Ming Cheng, and K. T. Chau
1303-1308 Design and Implementation of a Novel Vector-controlled Drive by Direct Injection of Random Signal
Amin Zabihinejad and Javad S. Moghani
1309-1317 Quantitative Research on Diffusion Speed and Price Transition of the Car Market for Future Prediction of Electric Vehicles
Namio Yamaguchi
1319-1324 Study of Flexible Wheels for Lunar Exploration Rovers: Running Performance of Flexible Wheels with Various Amount of Deflection
Kojiro Iizuka and Takashi Kubota
  1325-1332 Development of a Safety Driving System for Electric Wheelchair
Takashi Masuzawa, Koji Tanaka, and Shigeyuki Minami
  1333-1336 Characterization of Large Lithium Ion Battery and Its Application to Railcar
Hiroshi Matsuo, Takashi Ogihara, Hitoshi Aikiyo, and Shigenobu Yamanaka
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