Vol. 1, No. 1, 2016
Feature Article
  Can community-based rural tourism survive under a super-ageing society?: Challenges of an agrarian community in Japan
Yasuo Ohe 
  How can we attract tourists more effectively?: The possibility of keyword ads in tourism
Masahide Yamamoto 
  Text data mining: In search of the science of language
Hiromi Ban  

  Tourism industry: The travel destination Germany; GerMANY Faces
Akira Nishiyama 

Original Article 
  Effects of psychological capital on employee turnover intentions: A study based on Hai Di Lao Hot Pot
Baoyi Gu 
  Feature extraction of Japanese spa resort hotel by Chinese students
Takashi Oyabu, Yusuke Kajiwara, Hiromi Ban, and Haruhiko Kimura  
  Evaluation of the texture of wet rice crackers
Akihito Kobayashi and Hironobu Kawamura  
  Local PR model by establishing open API for tourism information and related issues
Mana Fukuyasu, Masahiro Ura, Mayu Urata, Masashi Yamada, Mamoru Endo, Shinya Miyazaki, and Takami Yasuda  
  An analysis of how roadside stations, “Michi-no-eki”, function to promote local revitalization: A case study in a rural area in Japan
Kayoko H. Murakami and Takashi Oyabu  
  A study of consciousness factors influencing tourists to sightsee in stricken areas
Yukio Maruyama and Hisashi Yamamoto  
  Application of design thinking to the development of a bus tour
Ayako Sawada and Taketoshi Yoshida 
  Toward utilizing mobile phone users’ location data in tourism
Masahide Yamamoto 
  Feature extraction of English guidebooks for Hokuriku region in Japan
Hiromi Ban, Haruhiko Kimura, and Takashi Oyabu 

Research Letter 
  Corporate strategy comparison Walt Disney and Oriental Land
Megumi Nakajima 

Vol. 1, No. 2, 2016
Promotion of safe and trusted ICT tourism
Takashi Oyabu

Feature Article
  Tourism meets psychology
Tomomi Hanai 
  Nonlinear control systems using piecewise models
Tadanari Taniguchi 
  The movie hackathon: An experimental event to produce community-based local movies
Tsuyoshi Kigawa 

  The relationship between Japan and the EU
Shigekazu Kusune 

  Ideas to boost tourism: From William Gibson’s Spook Country to “Pokemon Go,” and mixed reality
Kinuyo Koikawa 

Original Article 
  Development of an information transmission system through soles for prevention of texting while walking
Hidetaka Nambo, Tomoya Kashiwa, Haruhiko Kimura, and Yoshihiro Ueda 
  Text mining of English articles on the Noto Hanto Earthquake in 2007
Hiromi Ban, Haruhiko Kimura, and Takashi Oyabu 
  How Japanese university students spend leisure time: Relationship between leisure time and life satisfaction
Tomomi Hanai 
  Theoretical consideration on creative tourism
Hiroyoshi Sano 
  Promotion of local government open data for sightseeing events
Mayu Urata, Kazuma Ogishima, Mana Fukuyasu, Mamoru Endo, and Takami Yasuda 
  A comparative study on travelers’ sightseeing intentions
Masahide Yamamoto 
  An evaluation method for travel journals as tourism data resources: A case study of “Noto yuki”
Ran Kamiyama 

Research Letter 
  Sales possibilities of Japanese traditional gold-leaf souvenir and dish for Chinese
Takashi Oyabu, Fan Bin, Haruhiko Kimura, and Aijun Liu 
  Managing omotenashi in onsen ryokans: A case study of Kurokawa Onsen in Kyushu, Japan
Shunichiro Morishita