Vol. 3, No. 1, 2018
Tourism studies in Japan: Toward the globalization of tourism research
Shinji Yamashita

Feature Article
  Why is fake news a severe problem for democracy?: Combating fake news and checking facts in the internet age
Shigekazu Kusune 
  Analyzing tourism through the lens of economic analysis: A myriad of exciting possibilities for research that everyone should know about
Olivia Quek 

Original Article 
  Environmentally-friendly supply chain network with various transportation types
YoungSu Yun and Anudari Chuluunsukh 
  An indicated area prediction system for exhibitions
Thais Watanabe, Shogo Ohya, Kaname Takano, and Takashi Kawanami 
  Development of a guidance system for tourism by using archived data
Mari Endo, Kiyofumi Motoyama, Mamoru Endo, Mayu Urata, and Takami Yasuda 
  Proposals and implementation of tourism resource stimulation using public and private sector data: The case of Suzaka city zoo
Atsuko Kanematsu, Mamoru Endo, Mayu Urata, and Takami Yasuda 
  Integrated, diverse media marketing linked with database marketing for inbound reginal tourism planned by destination
Kin’ya Tamaki 

Research Letter 
  Heuristic algorithm for joint replenishment problem with a multisupplier
Myungryun Yoo 
  Guest number of Japanese style inn in spa areas after the extension of Hokuriku Shinkansen Line
Takashi Oyabu, Junko Nakamura, Aijun Liu, and Haruhiko Kimura 
  What do Japanese women want from traveling today?: An examination of new and earlier research data
Kazuko Richards 
Consideration of internal marketing: The case of Japanese hotels
Shunsaku Hashimoto 

Vol. 3, No. 2, 2018
From Founding Editor-in-Chief  
Takashi Oyabu

Knowledge of tourism and tourism of knowledge
Asami Shikida

Feature Article
  Teaching Japanese language in tourism and customer service skills
Yuka Iwata and Miho Okada 
  Managing educational tourism in higher education: A Guam case study
Fred R. Schumann 

Original Article 
  Role of travel photographs as self-discovery and self-expression
Tomomi Hanai, Kaoru Yashiro, and Hisako Konno 
  A comparative study on transitions in numbers and characteristics of visitors to hot springs
Masahide Yamamoto 
  Extraction of know-how for attracting international conventions from a questionnaire survey of experienced person
Hidekazu Iwamoto, Tokuro Matsuo, and Sachio Hirokawa 
  A comparison of destination images from three different perspectives
Kayoko H. Murakami 
  Self-organizing map analysis and classification of consumption trends of foreigners visiting Japan using a questionnaire survey
Tadanari Taniguchi 

Research Letter 
  Analyses of posts to Instagram relating to sightseeing locations
Ayako Sawada 
  Change of passengers on airplanes due to the opening of the business of the Hokuriku Shinkansen
Takashi Oyabu, Hiromi Ban, Aijun Liu, and Haruhiko Kimura 

Technical Report 
  Interactive digital installation using various traditional musical instruments in kabuki for multiple participants
Makoto Koshino and Kenji Fukuda 
  Activating organization by the concept of person centered approach: The case of hotel organization in Japan
Shunsaku Hashimoto