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Volume 4, Number 1, 2006
  No. of pages Title and authors
837-842 A Nonlinear Control Scheme for the Traction Problem in EVs with Unknown Parameters
Kai Zheng, Tielong Shen, and Yu Yao
843-850 Comparison of Torque-speed Characteristics of Interior-magnet Machines in Brushless AC and DC Modes for EV/HEV Applications
Z. Q. Zhu, Y. F. Shi, and D. Howe
851-856 Design and Control of an Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications
Sonya Gargies, Hongjie Wu, and Chris Mi
857-860 Experimental Study for Rover Mobility on Lunar Simulant Terrain in Vacuum Condition
Kojiro Iizuka, Yoshinori Sato, Yoji Kuroda, and Takashi Kubota
861-867 Estimation of Residual Available Capacity for Lead Acid Batteries in Electric Vehicles
W. X. Shen
869-879 Design Concept of the Future Electric Vehicle-society: Applications of a Multi-functional Modular Electric Vehicle MMEV and its Consequences on the Present and Future Road Net
Dirk van Gogh, Manabu Omae, Kiyomoto Kawakami,
Naohisa Hashimoto, and Hiroshi Shimizu
881-885 Regeneration of Deteriorated Chinese E-bike Batteries with ITE Super-K Activator
Akiya Kozawa, Kiyohiro Igami, Yoshinari Kozuka, Masami Yokoi, Toshio Nomura, Hajimu Ikeda, and Shigeyuki Minami
887-893 Design and Manufacturing for Mechanical Engineering Education Using Hand-made Electric Vehicles
Haruo Sakamoto and Shinya Nishikawa
895-898 Effects of ITE's Activators on Performance of New Lead-acid Batteries for Cars in the Discharge at 90A
Kenichi Nakagawa, Kenta Mori, Kazuhiro Tachibana, Tatsuo Nishina, Akiya Kozawa, and Michio Sugawara

Volume 4, Number 2, 2006
  No. of pages Title and authors
899-904 Battery Sizing for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Y. S. Wong, K. T. Chau, and C. C. Chan
905-909 A New Switched-capacitor Inverter for Electric Vehicles
Marco S. W. Chan, K. T. Chau, and C. C. Chan
911-917 Four-quadrant Zero-current-transition Converter-fed Dc Motor Drives for
Electric Propulsion
T. W. Ching
919-925 Flux-weakening Characteristics of Non-sinusoidal Back-EMF PM Machines in Brushless DC and AC Modes
Z. Q. Zhu, J. X. Shen, and D. Howe
927-938 A High-voltage High-current Relay with a Radial Component Magnetic Field
Shigeyuki Minami and Kazunori Yamada
939-946 Experimental Study on the Optimum Density of ITE Additives for a Lead-acid Batteryfs Life Prolongation
Song Jie Hou, Hajimu Ikeda, Y. Takai, Shigeyuki Minami, Akiya Kozawa, Michio Sugawara, and Tatsuo Nishina
947-951 Radio-controlled Electric Vehicles: Issues Relating to the Safety of Unmanned Electric Vehicles and Robots
Shigeyuki Minami, Masaaki Doi, and Takashi Masuzawa
953-955 Design and Operation Verification of Integrated Battery Assembly Charger Using Cockcroft Walton Circuit
Kazuhiro Tachibana, Satoru Tanaka, Tatsuo Nishina, Takashi Endo, Tateaki Ogata, and Michio Sugawara
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