Vol. 4, No. 1, 2019
Human logistics and tourism visible from trips to Central and South Africa
Shuichi Teramae

Feature Article
  Democracy is in crisis and how to take it back
Shigekazu Kusune 
  Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival: Seeking for sustainable tourism films
Tsuyoshi Kigawa 

General Article 
  Applying the document vector model to tour recommendation
Takahiro Hayashi 

Original Article 
  Reinforcing sustainability in supply chain model
YoungSu Yun 
  Feature extraction of the “Tourism English Proficiency Test” using data mining
Hiromi Ban and Takashi Oyabu 
  Measurement of standing position in door opening movement for fall prevention
Kaori Sato, Masanobu Igarashi, Yuki Igarashi, Takumi Nakamura, and Yumi Osawa 

Research Letter 
  Funding tourism promotion and disaster management through hometown tax donation program: Evaluation of the expenditures by local governments
Toshihiko Shimauchi, Hidetaka Nambo, and Haruhiko Kimura 
  Intelligence analysis of hurricane measures in the tourist city of Honolulu
Yukihiko Oyanagi 
  Activating organization by dialogue: The case of a Japanese company
Shunsaku Hashimoto 

Technical Report 
  Multi-user available information providing system for tourism by pointing gesture
Shogo Ohya and Takashi Kawanami 

Vol. 4, No. 2, 2019
From Founding Editor-in-Chief  
Takashi Oyabu

From Editor of North East of China Office 
  Ding Wei 

Amami Oshima: Japan’s secret paradise
Ian Richards

Feature Article
  Technology tourism, new aspects of industry, smart city
Hisakazu Okamura 
  Examining the impact of tour guides on student immersions during a short-term study abroad experience
James J. Tanoos 
  The Amami Archipelago: Benefits from disadvantages
Kazuko Richards 

Original Article 
  Service quality evaluation of technical visits for foreign visitors
Kentaro Ito and Hironobu Kawamura 
  A regression analysis of trends in population changes in tourist destinations: Using keyword search volume and statistical population data
Masahide Yamamoto 

Research Letter 
  Sustainable tourism industry and rural revitalization based on experienced nature and culture tourism: Case study of international regional tourism by SDGs linking urban and rural areas
Kinya Tamaki and Tatsuyuki Ichinose 

Technical Report 
  Revolution in growth of three-wheeler electric vehicles in India: Providing job opportunities to semi-skilled and unskilled people
Satyendra Nath Saxena 

  Electric vehicles’ charging demand on grid: Requiring city distribution system to be strengthened
Satyendra Nath Saxena
  Examining aspects of automated driving by people with spinal cord injuries: Taking-over of steering in acute situations
Hiroshi Ikeda, Masaru Nakaseko, Shigeyuki Minami, Namio Yamaguchi, and Kazuko Richards