Vol. 5, No. 1, 2020
From Founding Editor-in-Chief  
Takashi Oyabu

From Editor of Indonesia Office 
  Imam Tahyudin 

Japanese trends of SDGs focused on regional vitalization and local government initiatives
Kinya Tamaki

Feature Article
  Vulnerability of tourism industry
Shigekazu Kusune 
  Circular economy principles and small island tourism: Guam’s initiatives to transform from linear tourism to circular tourism
Fred R. Schumann 
  Heterogeneous utilizations of homogeneous tourism resources: Application of gamification
Tsung-Hsien Tsai 

Original Article 
  Factors influencing positive word-of-mouth intentions of inbound tourists to Japan
Masaki Toyama 
  Research on the use of low-cost carriers and regional airports: Changing long layovers to new value of tourism
Yui Miyagawa, Kayoko H. Murakami, and Hiroshi Hasegawa 
  An analytical examination of accommodation sales and the importance of electronic ‘word-of-mouth’ appraisals via internet travel sites
Yoshiki Nakamura and Nozomi Oomiya 
  A study of influences aimed at invigorating local communities by establishing a shopping mall in Miyashiro Town
Yukio Maruyama 

Research Letter 
  Research on the ecological transformation and renovation of an old industrial district into a cultural and creative industry park in Dalian City, China
Yadong Guo, Aijun Liu, and Wei Ding 
  The response of nature tourism visitor using virtual reality application in cilacap regency of Indonesia
Imam Tahyudin, Dhanar Intan Surya Saputra, and Abdurahman 
  Reinforcing sustainability in close-loop supply chain model
YoungSu Yun 

Technical Report 
  Study on art-oriented re-utilization and conversion of closed school facility for the promotion of rural tourism: Focus on the case of Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale of Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Hongwei Hsiao 
  Study on improvement of excursion and attraction in Kanazawa by visualizing historical landscape resources with 360-degree videos
Keiko Dochi and Makoto Koshino 
  Introduction of a license number authentication system and utilization of collected data to promote regional tourism
Mayu Urata, Kensho Taki, Satoshi Yamamoto, Mamoru Endo, and Takami Yasuda 

Vol. 5, No. 2, 2020
Tourism research under the COVID-19
Takashi Oyabu

Feature Article
  Exploring a way forward for rural tourism after the corona pandemic
Yasuo Ohe 
  Sport tourism in Japan
Yosuke Tsuji 
  Human resource development program: Designed with hospitality management
Seiji Koyama 

Original Article 
  A study of factors influencing expectation and satisfaction regarding hospital care among outpatients in a compact city
Hiroki Kozu, Yukio Maruyama, Tsuyoshi Yuyama, Tomoya Hasegawa, and Yasuhiro Tsujimura 
  Questionnaire survey on carrying capacity of Japanese registered tangible cultural properties as regional tourism resources
Shinya Oguri, Mayu Urata, Mamoru Endo, and Takami Yasuda 
  Vitalization of local communities through women’s empowerment: The role of local female entrepreneurs in women’s career education
Izumi Yamasaki 
  A study of English tourist guidebooks at airports in Hokuriku region in Japan
Hiromi Ban and Takashi Oyabu 

Research Letter 
  Supporting the information transmission via social media of local sightseeing volunteer guides
Mana Fukuyasu, Yuka Hasegawa, Mayu Urata, Mamoru Endo, and Takami Yasuda 
  Japanese tourism strategy and the factors focused on SDGs
Takashi Oyabu, Aijun Liu, Ayako Sawada, and Haruhiko Kimura 

Technical Report 
  Reinventing public transport system in Luxembourg and its implications for foreign tourists
Toshihiko Shimauchi 

  Use of online travel agencies as a data source for tourism marketing
Shohei Suzuki 
  Survey on the recognition of emergency vehicles by hearing-impaired drivers
Hiroshi Ikeda and Shigeyuki Minami